Cutting a Branch

Yep, we do tree trimming in Albany, GA. As long as we don’t have to wade in the Flint river to get to the tree we have it covered. Quick fact, did you know there are alligators just hanging out in the flint river in Albany?  Well, now you do and now you know why we just don’t think it would be a great idea to go splashing around in it. That and it just doesn’t seem like a great place to swim. The best way to ask us for tree trimming is to simply ring-a-ling our phone and you we will quickly come out to give you the fast and friendly free quote you are looking for. 


In order to complete the job we use our tools and try to keep them in top shape. This means we clean and sanitize them on a regular basis. A lot of people would ask why we do this. We do this because like people plants can get disease. They can also get infestations of bugs. Most bugs only feed on dead trees and do not eat the live part, but diseases are a more serious problem. If you cut the tree with a chainsaw that has already cut a diseased tree then there is a very good possibility that your tree will get infected.  Here is a couple that you may or may not be aware of. Have you ever heard of Powdery Mildew? How about Black Knot? Those are two common ones in the state of Georgia. 


Our crew does some climbing for smaller trees and we have a bucket truck for the bigger jobs. We have a highly trained staff that is very careful because they have to use chainsaws and other sharp tools on a regular basis. Protective gear is a must when using these types of dangerous tools. We even have safety trainings for the employees so they don’t get hurt. 


One of the many reasons that people order the tree trimming service is that it looks like a fresh haircut. It is like the latest and greatest fashion to have manicured limbs. Have you ever looked at the difference between a trimmed tree and one that just grows with no trimming. There is a lot of difference and it shows. 


One thing to consider is power lines. We can cut trees near power lines but we want to be upfront and honest. You can get that tree cut away from the powerline for free most of the time. That is the responsibility of your electrical provider. Call them up. Here is the number and here is the website. 229-883-8330 and 


Again, we hope to be your one stop shop until you drop, chainsaw slinging crew. We come in with a great attitude and don’t quit until the job is done and you are satisfied. Please give us a go and call us at 706-958-6805. We can provide you with superior service that you will notice when the job is done and we leave. We take pride in our work and every single one of us will go out on a limb to make our customer happy.