Tree Removal Albany and Climate

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Tree Removal Albany

When doing a tree removal in Albany we can do it anytime of the year. We do want to take note that even though we can some animals rely on the trees in the wintertime for hibernation. It will not affect them much though and here is why. While one tree missing for an animal isn’t a huge deal because there are a number of trees around in which to choose from. If we are ever doing a tree removal and find an animal in it that is living we make every effort to get it to another area that is safe. Check out this snippet from a book titled: The Woodlot Management Handbook Title: Stewart Hilts also Peter Mitchell

“Climate and Sunlight

Climate is the large pattern of typical weather that characterizes a

region. Temperature and precipitation vary throughout the year.

Wind may provide occasional damaging storms, and of course, sun-

light is the engine that drives the entire woodland ecosystem, just

as it provides the basic energy source for all other life on earth.

The climate of eastern North America is characterized by vary-

ing seasons as temperatures rise and fall. The seasons are one of

the most noticeable features of woodlands, due to the brilliant col-

ors of the leaves, especially those of sugar maple, as the trees shift

from their summer growing season to winter dormancy.

Precipitation also varies with the seasons, arriving often in the

form of thunderstorms during the summer and more commonly as

passing weather fronts during the rest of the year.

In fact, the seasons are so obvious in eastern North America

that we may take them for granted. They define our relationship to

woodlands so intuitively in the activities we undertake, from plant-

ing trees in the spring to cutting firewood in the fall. Plants and

wildlife have had to develop an amazing range of adaptations in

order to survive such a cycle of changes over the year.

Deciduous trees lose their leaves and shut down the photosyn-

thesis process over the winter; coniferous trees have adapted by

having leaves in the form of narrow needles, partly to assist in win

ter survival. Animals hibernate, migrate, or find shelter during”

As you can see from the book trees provide a critical role for animals hibernating in the winter, but keep in mind that one or two trees will not affect the environment enough that those little creatures will not have a home to go to. It is especially important to remove a dead tree. That is because the animals could get hurt or killed should the dead tree fall or break with them inside or living on it. We care about these woodland creatures and only remove trees when absolutely necessary. We appreciate you taking the time to visit our site Albany Tree Trimming and please call us for any tree related questions around Albany.



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