Tree Service Albany

If you are looking for the best darn tree service company in Albany then you landed in the right spot. We have a crew of faithful, downright hard working, good humored workers who want nothing but to make you the happiest customer in Georgia. I’m telling ya, we have it all, from the work ethic, to good manners, to the most up to date handy dandy tools you could imagine. Don’t take our word for it though, listen to a couple other happy and satisfied customers. 


‘Albany Tree Trimming came out and trimmed 3 trees. Not only did they have the best rates but they also took the extra time to clean up after the job was done and they were paid. They took rakes and got up all the leftovers. If I ever need a tree service again I will call Dan back.” -Jill H. 

“After a second rate tree crew came out and did a horrible job on some tree trimming that would not come back and correct the work we called these guys. Albany Tree Trimming comes out and cuts our rates down because of what we already went through just to help us out. They fixed the issue that the other guys left and trimmed another tree. After they were finished we were extremely satisfied. Just goes to show you that not every company is the same.” Andrew L.

“While Albany Tree Trimming was not the least expensive in town we went with them because of a friend saying how good they were. We took a shot and paid a little more but let me tell ya, they did a phenomenal job. They went above and beyond what was expected. My wife even made them sandwiches for lunch on the last day because they were working so hard. It would be tough to beat these guys when it comes to tree work.” – Big Mel


Let me break down some of our services that we provide. 

  • Tree service- Any kind of tree. If you have any service related to trees we probably offer it.
  • Tree removal- Kind of self explanatory but we can make it gone. Not only can we remove the tree but also get rid of stumps and top roots so your yard is as smooth as a slide. 
  • Pruning-  This is similar to trimming. Sometimes we prune limbs based on customer needs. If the yard needs more sunlight than we thin it out. If the limbs are blocking the sun in areas we can fix that too. 
  • Stump grinding- When a tree is cut or even if it falls the stump is usually left behind. We have a powerful grinder that can eat that stump in just a few minutes. We can even put some dirt on top when finished so you can plant some grass like it never existed. 
  • Tree trimming – It’s such a core service that it is in the name. We go in and remove all the dead or dying branches so they don’t clutter the yard. It’s good to do this in the fall time so the tree has time to heal before the next growth period in the springtime.
  • Limb removal- Usually this comes in handy when you have one or two pesky branches rubbing on a roof, or maybe blocking light. You like the tree but really want to get rid of part of it. 
  • Storm damage- Call us anytime if you have an emergency. If you have a tree that is in jeopardy of falling and causing damage call us and let us know. Also call us if it has already fallen and lands on something. 
  • Brush removal- If you have a tree that fell and you chop it all up but have nowhere to put it. We can help. Just call us and we will bring the hog out and let it mulch up all those limbs. 

These are some of the main services that we offer. If you have one that isn’t on the list just reach out to us at 706-928-6805 and we can answer all your questions. If we can’t answer your questions we will find out who can. Simple as that. 

A big question we get is how much it is going to cost. It would be great if we could give you an estimate on the phone but usually that isn’t possible. It is hard to gauge what we will run into and if we tell you a price we want to be able to stick to it. Here are some average prices but please understand this is not an exact guide. It can range so much one way or another. 


For tree trimming $150 to $600. Please remember this can go higher, much higher. These trees can be hard to get to. They can be dangerous. They can also be huge. It is very difficult to price a tree without seeing it so we don’t. Call for a free quote 706-928-6805

Average price for tree removal is $500-$1500. Again this is only an average. This can change depending on the location, the landscape, the type of tree, the size of tree, how busy we are. It is always best to call and get our no obligation free quote. 706-728-6805

The two services listed above are the 2 most common services in the business. We are hesitant to even list these prices on here because it is difficult to predict. 


We do our very best to hire the most professional and dependable tree service employees that we can. We do regular drug screens and background checks. It is and absolute must that they carry a positive and respectful attitude. Hopefully when they greet our customers it is with a smile and a hello. We are diligent to make sure each worker respects not only the customer but also their property. We want them to leave the property in better shape than when they came. If they ever break something then they are to report it immediately. It is a rare occasion that this happens, but we are dealing with dangerous equipment coupled with very large trees. This combination can be quite the combo. 


We want to be exceptional so here are a few things that we do and take pride in everyday. Hopefully this comes across to out customers. 

  • Be punctual- we always want to be on time and realistic about how long a job will take. 
  • Be efficient- The more efficient we can be as a company we can pass those savings on to our clients. 
  • Be friendly- We always want to come off with a positive attitude and a friendly smile. 
  • Be respectful- We always remember we came to do a job and that is our main focus. We will not be goofing around and cause problems. 
  • Be Prepared- a famous president once said  “If I had eight hours to chop down a tree, I’d spend six sharpening my axe.” That is something we always keep in the front of our mind. If you are well prepared the job will go much smoother.


A common question we get is when to call. We want you to know that anytime is a good time for us during business hours. We do offer emergency service for those emergencies but keep in mind that after hour service is only truly for emergencies. The best time of the year to get tree work done is generally in the fall. The reason for this is that the tree goes into a hibernation state in the winter. It doesn’t grow much and it takes in less nutrients. If you cut a tree in the fall or winter there are less bugs out to attack the tree. It also has the extra time to heal without any summer bugs or diseases. It has a much better chance of healing in the fall because the risk of an infestation is much lower. 

Keeping all that in mind people get tree work done any time of the year and it is generally ok. If you get tree work done in the spring it simply may not grow as much until the next year. However all will still be well with the tree. Tree trimming doesn’t necessarily help or hurt the tree. So, just understand that you can have the trees trimmed anytime you want. 

Now a typical removal can be done anytime of the year, and remember that we are experts at it. 🙂 We love to be able to come in and help a client by making the are look just like they want it to. 

So, if you want the best tree service in Albany, GA that you can get please consider us. We will be pleased to come out and offer you a free quote. Our phone number is 706-928-6805. We will make sure we bring our A game.