We love to learn about trees. This site is not only a tree service albany site but we also regularly learn about the specimen that we are constantly working with. See, we believe that we shouldn’t just trim and remove them for people. We believe that we should adamantly learn about the subject so that we can make a real difference in the world that trees are so much a part of. With that said we want to show you an excerpt from a book that we are going to review. The Title is Trees For Your Yard and Garden  Author: John Cushnie

future tree service opportunity in the Avenue

“A line of identical trees on either side of a drive leading up to the house is a wonderful sight and creates an impression of a bygone age. Even a row of trees lining a lane leading to a field is spectacular. It is usual to plant trees of the same species to create an avenue. Choose a tree suitable for the space available (i.e. one that won’t grow too big for it) and ask the nursery or garden center staff to select plants of similar height and spread. Plant both rows far enough back from the edges of the drive to prevent branches over hanging the roadway.

Plant the saplings in a line equidistant from the curb. This way, if the drive sweeps, then the line of trees will match it. When staking, position the tree on the drive side of the stake to hide the support from passerby. It’s worth planting an extra matching tree at the same time somewhere else in the garden. Then if, for any reason, a tree dies, it can be replaced the following fall with the spare one, without an obvious gap in the avenue.

Ideal trees for avenues include the Caucasion maple (Acer cappadocicum ‘Aureum’); Aesculus hippocastanum ‘Baumannii,’ a horse chestnut which has white double flowers in spring, but no bonkers: the fern-leaved beech (Fagus sylvatica ‘Aspleniifolia’); the evergreen Lomatia ferruginea; the unusual ornamental cherry (Prunus ‘Kanzan’) and the uncommon but gorgeous golden Dutch elm (*Ulmus x hollandica ‘Dampieri Aurea’)

Left Training trees allows their assets to be shown to best advantage. When you see laburnums used in this way they seem to arch so naturally that it is difficult to think of them as trees.

Below The dusky pink of Prunus ‘Kanzan’ is in a class of its own for color. It quickly makes a large spreading tree requiring a lot of space, but ideal for avenues. The roots have a tendency to rise above soil level, disturbing hard-surface drives and making lawn-cutting difficult.”

We think it is an absolutely amazing idea to have trees on both sides of the avenue leading up to a house. In our mind we picture tall conifers leading up to a castle that has perfectly growing lush green grass. The castle would be so large that they would have to hire a maid to clean. It really is a beautiful picture and we hope that everyone has the capital to be able to do this someday. We also hope you keep us in mind if you should ever need these trees in the avenue serviced.