When you have a tree that you don’t want in our around the great city of Albany than who would you call? Well, we believe you would call a company that has a professional background and the right equipment to remove trees. We ask that you consider our service of tree removal in Albany, GA. We have the capabilities and want to go over exactly what comes along with the job. 


First you need to understand that there are two ways you can have this done. One you can have the company come in, drop the tree, and leave it where it lays. This method isn’t really that common because most people do not want the grunt work of cutting it up and getting rid of it. Some people do have us drop it and cut it up and then they deal with the task of getting rid of it. Some people may chop it into pieces to burn for firewood, and others may grind it up. However most people simply want us to do the work of getting rid of it as well. 


If you want us to come in and cut the tree down and completely remove it and grind the stump that is the most common way. Let us do the dirty work that we love to do and lift those heavy logs off for you. We have a phenomenal brush hog that will grind up the sticks and spit them into a truck. It is a lot easier on you and we like the work so why not. 


Here is how a tree removal usually takes place. First we have to get it down to the main branch. The trunk by itself that runs all the way up the tree. So we start with the lower branches because they are usually the biggest. We start to piece it out and chop branches off the side of the trunk by its size. As we get to the trunk we keep moving higher and higher up the trunk. We keep a couple guys on the ground to quickly pick up the fallen branches and take them over to the brush hog and turn them into a blended mulch. As we get higher up the tree we become more and more careful as to where these branches fall because they have more room to go one way or the other. If the tree is big enough we will get out the bucket truck and place it in the correct spot. A good and experienced tree service provider will be able to efficiently run a bucket truck. If you see a company that is having trouble operating a bucket or not placing it in the correct position then they may still be in the learning phases. The bucket truck helps get our expert to the branches at the top so he can clear all the limbs. Then the trunk must go. The main and heaviest part of the tree. We start at the top of the trunk for this and cut it into truck hauling size pieces. If the tree is big enough we use a crane to lower the pieces down. At times we even have a skid steer to lift the log on the hauling truck. Then it is just a matter of going all the way down the trunk until it is only the stump. 


The stump grinding is usually scheduled for another day. We get several stump grinding jobs done in the same day to make it worth getting the machine going. It is usually out about once every week or week and a half. 


And that my friends is tree removal in a nutshell. If you have any questions or want a free quote you can always call us as usual. 706-958-6805.