The Right Place And Way To Plant A Tree

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When planting a tree there is always a question of where the tree is going to be planted. As tree professionals we can tell you that we remove more trees due to them not being in the right location than any other reason. A tree can be a hazard or a detriment in the wrong location. We want to bring in an expert on planting tress. We have a piece of the book “Encyclopaedia Trees And Shrubs” By Nico Vermeulen”

planting a tree

The right place for a tree


In choosing the right place to plant a tree in a garden, there are a number of considerations that have to be borne in mind.

  • How tall will the mature tree become and where will the shade be, in the morning, the afternoon, and during the evening?
  • Is the chosen type evergreen or deciduous? An evergreen will cast much longer shadows during the winter.
  • Will the tree also shade the neighbor’s garden? In this case, discuss the best position with your neighbour.
  • Plant trees at least 2m (6ft 6in) and shrubs at least 1½m (5ft) distance away from any boundary.
  • If the tree provides pleasantly diffused light, plant it against the sun. If the tree is chosen for its beautiful autumn coloring or richly toned fruits, place it so that the lights falls on it.
  • Plant a deciduous tree a little distance from the house in front of a south facing window. When the sun is high sufficient light will shine through the window, whilst during the winter (when the sun is low) it will play through the tree.
  • With a western or eastern facing window it is best to plant a tree fairly close to the house so that the early morning and evening sun will shine through the branches.
  • Never plant a tree close to underground services or drainage pipes. There is always the danger that the ground will have to be excavated for access to the services.


Planting trees and shrubs


Good preparation is important when it comes to planting a tree or shrub.

There is the choice of the right type, selection of the best position – so that it does not cause an obstruction later – and checking the condition of the soil (see Soil types and Watering). Then you buy the tree. Do this by preference in the autumn (as soon as possible after the leaves have fallen) or in early spring (before the buds burst). It is possible to buy container grown trees which can, in principle, be planted at any time. The spring and autumn are still the best planted at any time. The spring and autumn are still the best planting times, bearing in mind the problems that tree roots have in a container (see Container grown specimens).

If you buy a tree, buy also tree stakes and bands to support the young tree. The method for planting a tree or shrub is as follows. First, dig a large hole, then turn the soil over at the bottom of the hole to loosen it and make sure that the root ball will fit. Remember that the hole must be deeper and wider than the root system when it has been removed from the restriction of its packing. If the roots are packed in hessian sacking, they are likely to spring open quite a bit when loosened.


Once the holes have been made for the tree stake, the tree can be planted. One person holds the tree, the other removes the packing surrounding the root ball, opens up the roots so that they can spread in the planting hole, and fills the bottom of the hole to provide support for the roots. Consolidate the earth by pouring a bucket of water into the hole.

Make sure that the tree is planted at the same depth as it was grown in the nursery. This can usually be seen from discoloration around the trunk.


Fill the rest of the planting hole with the earth, making sure that the soil penetrates between the roots (if necessary by pouring more water into the hole). Fill the hole to well over the brim and then carefully tread the soil in.

Attach any tree band loosely around the tree and fix it to the stake. If the soil sinks in, fill it again with earth but not higher that the surrounding ground. Keep the ground for about a meter (a yard) around the base of the tree free of plants that could compete with the roots during the first growing season. Sprinkle a fine mulch of compost, shredded pruning’s, or wood chips around the base to retain.”


As you can see there are many places and ways to plant trees, and then there are the correct places to plant trees.  If you have a tree that needs to be removed or trimmed due to it being in the incorrect spot and you are near Alpharetta, GA please give us a call. Thank you!

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