Our cream of the crop tree services in Albany, GA are laid out and explained below. If you come across something related to trees that is not on this list you can always call us and we can tell you whether or not it is something we can do for you. Our number is 706-958-6805. This number goes to a real person and not a recording, unless of course, the person is busy then it will go to a recording. 


First and foremost we offer tree removal. This is the most requested service in Albany. Sometimes in other locations it gets beat out by tree trimming but for us it is removal. It is simply the removal of a tree. Sometimes when people call they are unsure if they want to remove a tree or just have it trimmed. While that is all up to the customer we can give our suggestions. In most cases we will try to keep trees whenever possible. The reason is that some of these trees took 20 plus years to grow. They are home to insects and animals, and are good for the environment. We would rather do a good pruning job but again our job is not to persuade the owner of which way to go. It is their decision and we will just carry out the task as necessary. 


Next on our awesome list of incredible services is the good ol fashion trimming. We do this for several reasons. To get out the limbs that are not alive yet still sucking up good nutrients from the limbs that are alive and well, and for aesthetics. When you remove the limbs or branches that are dead or dying not only does it help the tree place the resources to other areas, but it also makes the odds of a limb falling out of the tree less likely. We say less likely because any limb can fall out of trees at any time. Our team can’t magically make a tree quit throwing dead limbs in your yard but they can definitely decrease the amount and make it less likely. This way after a long hard day of work when you crack open a cold one, or open up that tic tok app, you can relax knowing you will have less sticks to pick up in your yard. 


Third on our fabulous list,of tree services is stump grinding. We get quite a few requests for this because every tree that comes down will leave a stump if it is not removed. Now, people, you can go ahead and drill holes in the stump and pour in some epsom salt, cover it with a tarp, and wait a few years for it to disappear and that will work. Or, you can call us with our big bad stump grinding big mama jama machine and we will schedule you in with our stump grinding day. See, what we do when we get a stump call is schedule them all on the same day so when we pull out the big machine we can grind one, then immediately grind the next, so on and so forth, and make a day of if. 

Trees that need serviced in Albany.